Here’s a pic of jamesptter's final project featuring me and my musical preferences. 

The text on the left is the last text I sent her before the project started.

The text on the right is my response to the project.



My little sister (follow her at jamesptter… or just follow my blog, honestly) texted me this today.


I experienced what I could probably only compare to the five stages of grief all in one second. So that’s why she didn’t talk to me all week! Am I a bad sister for not reaching out more? OMG that’s so cool. I can’t believe she was secretly stalking me. It was so cute to know she was thinking of me even when I didn’t know… wait. I listen to a lot of embarrassing music.

Being the classy lady that I am, I didn’t want my little sister’s peers/professor to think I was some kind of loser who listened to Miley’s album Breakout as I sped through the canyons from Beverly Hills to the Valley. Yeah, who does that, right? But it honestly gets better.

Me: Seriously?
Nicki: Yes and it starts with 5 versions of girls just wanna have fun


Seriously though. Hits the nail right on the head.

I’ve never though of myself as a music person. I grew up obsessing over The Spice Girls and then transitioned into High School Musical and The Jonas Brothers, so you’re safe to assume that I was made fun of quite a bit. Overtime (with the help of many wonderful and inspiring friends) I learned to embrace my musical tastes because at the end of the day, music makes me happy and I straight up fucking love it.

What’s coolest about Nicki’s assignment is that I now get to look back at the music I listened to over the past week and relive the memories. I say this fondly because, as you know, I went to Coachella this weekend. So basically all of last week was me listening to playlist after playlist of pumped up Coachella hits.

Here’s a sampling of what I listened to:


This project was something really cool for me to experience because like most people growing up in the digital age, I often feel like no one really cares about me. It’s hard to describe how I feel when I think about my little sister spending her last week tracking my musical selections, wondering what mood I’m in. There are many songs on this playlist that I wanted to share with her. I even remember thinking I can’t wait to make a playlist for Nicki, but the thing is, she already made it. I could cry… in fact I am while writing this.

Something you also must know about me is that Nicki is my favorite person in the entire world. I feel so protective over her and would do literally -anything- for her, always. It’s good to know that in some way, I mean the same to her.

Emma Watson, Photoshoots: Elle US (2014)

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